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Federated Campaign Stewards (FCS) is dedicated to the advancement of the fundraising campaign to Federal employees, called the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). FCS's mission is to support the CFC in a fair and efficient manner such that a maximum amount of charitable donations reaches the designated nonprofits.

FCS is unique in that it is one of only a handful of nonprofits dedicated to fundraising on behalf of other nonprofit organizations. When FCS is successful in its administration of the CFC in an effective and efficient manner, more charitable donations are forwarded to the designated nonprofits.

FCS enables Federal employees to maximize charitable giving and connects Federal employees to their selected charities.


Federated Campaign Stewards provides professional
campaign management for philanthropic giving.


Federated Campaign Stewards supports the Federal
community in its annual fund-raising drive, the
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), by providing excellent
customer service and by giving every employee the
opportunity to participate. FCS maximizes charitable
donations by administering an efficient campaign, focusing
on education and inspiring charitable giving in the workplace.

What is the CFC?

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The FCS Campaigns

Indiana, Kentucky & Southwestern Ohio CFC
Southeastern Michigan CFC